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We build your app based on your needs and demands that certainly delivers you with a result.

GoferEats is the best UberEats Clone, developed by considering the possible features which benefits the entrepreneurs. It's available on the web, Android, and iOS platforms. Further, it has a separate panel for the eater, restaurant, and driver to enjoy the services. This UberEats clone script is the ready-made software to begin a business instantly.

Eater WorkFlow

  • Eater Log In / Sign Up

    An eater will sign up to order food in your app. Using email and phone number eater signups the system.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Search Cuisine / Restaurant

    Eater can search for his favorite cuisine or restaurant based on his delivery location.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Order Favorite Foods

    Then, Eater decides to place an order in the restaurant of his choice.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Online Payment

    Eater chooses to pay either by COD or by online payment. A wallet option also available for an eater to quicken things.

    ubereats clone
  • Live Geo Tracking

    Eater will be updated with the live status of his order and track driver location.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Food Collection & Payment For COD

    Finally, Eater collects food from a driver and pays for it, also reviews the service.

    ubereats clone

Driver WorkFlow

  • Driver Login / SignUp

    A driver signs up to start delivering to the eater. Using email and phone number driversignups the system

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Document Verification

    A driver has to verify documents like driving license, vehicle registration number and vehicle insurance certificate.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Trip Request For Food Pickup

    When a driver is in online mode, he can accept a trip request based on his location.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Live Geo Tracking

    A driver is provided with live map location and delivery details to deliver his orders.

    ubereats clone
  • Food Delivery To Eater

    Then, A driver picks up food from a restaurant and deliver it to the eater.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Payment For COD

    When paid by COD, A driver will transfer amount to admin after deducting his commission.

    ubereats clone

Restaurant WorkFlow

  • Restaurant LogIn / SignUp

    A Restaurant partner signup to begin delivering an order to eaters.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Restaurant Profile Creation

    The verified restaurant has the option to create a profile with images and an online food menu.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Accepting Order From Eaters

    A restaurant can start delivering food to the eater by accepting the orders.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Trip Request To Driver

    A trip request automatically sent to a nearby driver which restaurant can track.

    ubereats clone
  • Food Delivery To Driver

    A restaurant will prepare and pack the food and deliver it to the driver.

    ubereats clone ubereats clone
  • Rating & Review About Driver

    A Restaurant will rate and review a driver as his service will affect the quality of the restaurant.

    ubereats clone

What's Included

UberEats Clone Script with all necessary feature to start your business.


The driver can use the service from the driver app to manage order.


We ensure eater with exclusive features with mouthwatering experience.


We provide your restaurant partner with an app to manage all of their orders.


Admin can access the user-friendly dashboard through responsive web applications.

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Takeaway Or Delivery Option New

If the store partner has the delivery type options like the "Takeaway or Delivery" option. Using the takeaway option, the user can order when they are willing to take their ordered items from the store. By using the Delivery option, the user will get the orders on the doorstep.

Admirable Tips Option New

The User can add the tips for the driver in checkout by "Add Tip". If the user added the tips. The tips amount was also added during the total payment in the checkout option.

Free Server Installation

Once after purchasing the script from us, it’s our sole responsibility to install the apps in your server and make the app live at free of cost.

Free App Submission

You have nothing to worry here. To give access to the users to utilize the app, our geek squad will upload and submit the app in the both android and iOS stores and get approved.

Free Bug Support

Prime quality script is the key for seamless usage of app, so even after delivering the app in case of any bugs we provide bug support at free of cost within the support period for your convenience.

Round Clock Service

Our customer service team, who is wise enough to handle your queries and provide solution will be always avail to assist in both online and offline Channels

App Rejection Support

At any cases if the web apps gets rejected even after submission, for sure we will be there to help you and resubmit the apps without any hindrance.

Free Technical Support

Registration on accounts, or third party gateways like SMS, Payment and other requirements for deploying the successful script is taken care by our technical stock of people to support you from our side

100% Source code

According to the package selection we provide access to the source code. Even years later with help of the code you can change the site appearance and gravitate multiple customers

Free White Labeling

Without the traces of our company we will completely include your logo and company name in both the web and mobile apps, including the admin panel at free of cost.

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